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Compliance with product labeling laws and regulations

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is on the verge of issuing proposed altered hazardous communication requirements. These are the requirements that accompany dangerous substances and materials for workers, including employees of companies in New Jersey, that use these hazardous materials. The hope is that there proposed altered hazardous communication requirements will enhance safety, including when it comes to recyclable container compliance.

Contents of labels and recyclable containers

Historically, there have been regular complaints made about purported vagueness in regard to recycling issues when it comes to certain labels associated with hazardous substances. OSHA is preparing to promulgate new requirements stemming from product labeling laws, specifically under the recyclable container compliance

The hope is that the proposed new hazardous communication requirements will make it far easier for businesses and their employees to be in a better position to understand what containers that once contained hazardous substances can be placed into the recycling stream.

Protecting employees and the public at large

OSHA is charged with setting certain health and safety standards in the workplace. This includes standards applicable to the presence, use and disposal of hazardous substances. By extension, this includes containers utilized to contain hazardous substances.

By clarifying hazardous communication requirements, the hope is that worker safety will be enhanced. Moreover, the expectation that hazardous communication clarification will enhance the overall safety of others involved in the recycling stream as well as members of the public generally.

As new labeling requirements are propounded by OSHA, compliance by businesses is crucial. A business faced with this type of compliance is well-served seeking legal advice and assistance from an experienced attorney.