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Domain Name Arbitration Attorneys

A domain name — or Web address — not only directs users to a particular Web address. A domain name is the essence of a website and is often one of its most identifiable characteristics.

It is in the best interests of website owners to choose easily identifiable domain names that are associated with a specific product or service. However, hundreds of millions of domain names are already registered, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to find domain names that are unique and available.

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Helping You Resolve Domain Name Disputes

When one party owns a domain name associated with an existing business, product, service or entity, what legal options are available to the owner of the business/product/brand?

This scenario is one of the most common domain name disputes our firm deals with. Choosing a different domain name — when the most closely associated one is already owned by another party — may not always be an option. In these types of cases, we help clients fight to get a domain name back.

Our firm will look at a number of factors when working on your case involving the registration of a similar domain name (or the registration of your company’s trademarked business name) by another party. This is also known as “cybersquatting,” and there may be several legal remedies available.

Domain name disputes can be difficult from a legal standpoint. It is important to work with a lawyer who understands both the legal and technological aspects of your case. Attorney Andrew Bayne has nearly two decades of experience in intellectual property law and litigation. He leads a team operating from our New York, Princeton and Philadelphia offices that can help protect your website, Web address or other intellectual property.

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