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The Bayne Law Group provides general counsel services to corporations and other enterprises of all sizes. We provide businesses with crucial day-to-day solutions for many of the legal issues that can arise unexpectedly.

We have been relied upon by businesses throughout the world to provide the sophisticated corporate counsel they require. Our clients come to us from the United States, New Zealand, India, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East, South America and other vital regions across the globe.

Areas of Focus

Retained clients can feel comfortable contacting us daily, periodically or on an as-needed basis in matters involving:

Our general counsel services provide experienced legal know-how and counseling to companies without in-house legal staff, as well as supplemental services to our in-house counterparts in areas of our particular expertise.

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Contact us for a no-obligation pricing plan, fee quote or informational consultation about our services. The Bayne Law Group headquarters is in centrally located Princeton, New Jersey. We have regional offices in New York and Philadelphia. To speak with an American business attorney about local, national or international business services, call 609-665-3200 or toll free at 888-312-0442. You may also reach us online.