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Assisting Small and Medium Size Enterprises from Around the World with Your Commercial Law Needs in the United States.

At the Bayne Law Group we are Business Counsel for the Global Marketplace®. We assist small and medium size enterprises from around the world with your commercial law needs in the United States. We represent clients in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies with a focus on complex civil litigation and corporate and commercial transactions.

Business Agreements
Company and Partnership Governance and Disputes
Helping Clients Build Strong Legal Platforms for Business Growth as General Counsel
Advocating Originality and Freedom from Restraint and Unfair Restrictive Covenants
Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits with Crucial Due Diligence Preparations
Not for Profit (NFP) and Unincorporated Charitable Entity Representation with Tax-Exempt Status
Litigation and Trial Representation, Advice & Counsel before Federal, State Courts & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Federal and State Regulatory Compliance and Best-Practices
International Company Formation, Investment and Development in the United States
Intellectual Property Distribution and Licensing
Proceedings and Actions before the US Bankruptcy and District Courts on Behalf of Creditors and Debtors
Labor, Employment and Restrictive Covenants
Native American Sovereignty Enforcement and Comity/Good Faith & Credit
Pro Bono and Humanitarian Engagement

Areas of practice include: business law, commercial practice, commercial litigation, general litigation, corporate structuring and governance, cross-border mergers, share sales, due diligence, regulatory compliance, employment law, contracts, immigration, license agreements, food & beverage law, commercial leasing, pharmaceutical litigation, software agreements, environmental law, employee handbooks and policies, US-EU data privacy policies, website terms and conditions, international environmental law, green economy policy advisement, international human rights law and corporate social responsibility.

Some recent representative cases include:

Business Agreements
  • Ongoing development and drafting of multi-purpose terms of sale agreements for good and services providers operating in the local and national US markets
  • Representation and development of internet online licensing, terms and conditions and intellectual property protection plans for multiple companies operating in diverse consumer and business to business sectors
  • Successful joint venture corporate and partnership agreements between US based and foreign company entities in Sweden New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and others to build, among other objectives, national and international specialized construction material sales, marketing and supply company; transactions include non-competition, supply exclusivity, buy-out provisions, joint marketing and manufacturing, corporate finance and secured lending transactions involving cash collateral, intellectual property collateral and stock pledge conditions.
  • Ongoing national representation of consumer services company in connection with retail and commercial lease negotiations and commercial transactions.
  • National representation of inbound foreign viticulture wine producers for successful national sales representative establishment, brand acquisitions, successful due diligence and merger with former distribution partner
  • Representation, advocacy and drafting of commercial pharmaceutical supply chain contracts, pricing agreements and supply quality agreements
  • Partnership and Limited Liability Company operating agreement negotiation and drafting
  • Represented United States manufacturing firm in successful wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) joint venture with China JV partner.
  • Contractual development, negotiations and drafting of custom software development contracts and licensing agreements for IT service providers and computer systems and software design companies.
Company and Partnership Governance and Disputes
  • Development and implementation of company by-laws, constitution and other state or regulated filings annually or as otherwise recommended under State corporate and company organizational laws
  • Regular representation and advocacy in partnership disputes under state limited liability company act, state partnership and limited partnership laws and common laws claims involving unfair dealing, minority owner oppression, unfair restraint of trade covenants and partnership dissolution valuation litigation and dispute resolution
  • Continued legal advice and counsel concerning US and State company governance practices under operative Corporate and Company laws and best-practices
  • Detailed opinion letter to corporation requesting confirmation of statute of limitations on several claims under contract with a defaulting contract party
  • Successful representation of century old family enterprise stakeholder in connection with lawful partition, share reorganization and estate dispute resolutions to enable business continuation and fair distributions achieved for represented family stakeholder
  • Successfully secured partnership share accounting and partition of partnership assets in connection with federal court litigation between partners seeking dissolution and accounting of assets for distribution and enforcement of trade secrets and restrictive covenants developed during the partnership
  • Representation of University development department in connection with trade-show offerings and student recruiting teams.
Helping Clients Build Strong Legal Platforms for Business Growth as General Counsel
  • Successful multi-state employment handbook, policies and staff contracts developed and implemented for local and nationally operating companies.
  • Successfully providing ongoing personalized and practical general outside counsel advice to goods manufacturers/importers concerning contract terms & conditions for doing business throughout the U.S., employment on-boarding, and corporate governance matters.
  • Representation of global companies expanding from Europe operations into the United States, including US company entity formation, US employee onboarding documents, US sub-contract negotiation and drafting, multi-state registrations of authority to conduct business, labor union negotiation guidance and successful United States payroll, insurance and accountancy introductions.
  • Long term advice and counsel for successive IT business growth of operations, ownership development of firm terms and conditions and standardized services supply agreements and claims dispute resolution.
  • Development of policies and contracts for national marketing team for international accredited university programs offered to American students.
Advocating Originality and Freedom from Restraint and Unfair Restrictive Covenants
  • Efficient and effective representation before the courts of early-stage pharmaceutical brand owners including successful emergency defense of order to show cause seeking temporary restraints on start-up operations under unfair claims of breach of loyalty and restrictive covenants; ongoing growth representation as business flourished and expanded nationally.
  • Successful Federal Court representation and settlement on behalf of introducing agent of novel artificial intelligence systems and processes to international industrial customers seeking contractual rights to full percentage of finder fee entitlement
Mergers, Acquisitions and Exits with Crucial Due Diligence Preparations
  • Representation of one of the world’s largest institutional venture capital funds in numerous cross-border mergers, acquisitions, share sales, and investments.
  • Representation of technology company founders in connection with contractual venture agreements for growth, development and successful exit and merger of entities in complex acquisition involving earn-outs, ongoing executive employment agreements and staff employee restrictive covenants and bonus structures tag along rights.
  • Representation of a successful consumer goods manufacturer with due diligence review in preparation for a merger/acquisition.
  • Legal due diligence examination and advice for an internationally-owned medical diagnostic device company in connection with the successful merger of our client with another US medical device company
  • Ongoing corporate acquisitions and sales among small and mid-cap National and international entities including legal due diligence and negotiations
Not for Profit (NFP) and Unincorporated Charitable Entity Representation with Tax-Exempt Status
  • Formations and Federal & State registrations of eligible tax-exempt entities.
  • Representation of national “mega-church” organization involving charitable entitlement as estate legatee, ongoing land use matters, and exempt property claims with state and local taxing authorities, tax abatement strategies, employment law, first amendment separation of church and state constitutional advice and counsel, not-for-profit 501c governance and fiduciary guidance to trustees.
  • Successful formation, advocacy and continued representation of national and international Not For Profit 501 organizations including local and international members and trustees
Litigation and Trial Representation, Advice & Counsel before Federal, State Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Long term successful representations of pharmaceutical manufacturers, CMO and brand holder supply-chain negotiation, advocacy and alternative dispute resolution and commercial litigation
  • Successful defense and partial dismissal of claims at arbitration in representation of an employee against a breach of contract and restrictive covenant involving a seven-figure demand by the former employer.
  • Representation of a Chinese goods manufacturer in the successful settlement of an international contract dispute with a New Jersey corporation.
  • Successful litigation on behalf of wine producer against United States wine distributor proving perpetration of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty for jury trial award of all damages claimed including maximum punitive damages award
  • Successful representation of US-based metals trading company in connection with US Federal commercial claims raised in the US District Court in international dispute for declaratory judgment seeking cancellation of contract based on anticipated breach of contract and requiring service under international service of process and Hague convention requirements in SouthEast Asia
  • United States Federal District Court claims against garment sales agent in apparent zone of insolvency for non-payment of branded goods ordered from our client, a China manufacturing company, resulting in payment plan and mitigation of total loss anticipated by sales agent’s neglect of legal obligations under purchase contract
  • Representation of insured small business in connection with coverage claims after coverage denial resulting in successful settlement and resolution of underlying claims
  • Representation of medical device manufacturer including claims against distributor for unlawful infringement and unpaid royalties resulting in successful settlement
  • Successful pursuit of claims of non-payment to global events planning company to event organizers for unilateral re-negotiation of contract rights and documentation.
  • Successful defense and prosecution of insurance coverage claims under company business operations, liability and employment practices liability policies
Federal and State Regulatory Compliance and Best-Practices
  • Successful revamp and deployment of international logistics and shipping company internal compliance policies and handbook covering full suite of legal and management policies consistent with Ethisphere global ethical standards and guidance
  • Providing regulatory advice to a growing national beverage manufacturer regarding nation-wide returnable beverage container act compliance.
  • Successful defense and settlement with State Weights and Measures agency concerning consumer product labeling of entire range of consumer art paint products and supplies; ongoing labeling guidance and strategic support to international consumer art products brand
  • Successful long-standing representation of national food and beverage brand-owner and distributor including multi-state food facility and warehouse representation before state and local agencies concerning food and alcohol products storage and distribution compliance
  • Ongoing national advice and counsel to several beverage brand owners and distributors in connection with providing regulatory advice to national beverage manufacturers regarding nation-wide returnable beverage container act compliance under each states’ Bottle Bill
  • Representation of a foreign corporation’s US subsidiary before the US Internal Revenue Service in connection with unpaid taxation and permanent establishment compliance
  • Successful defense and settlement of overreaching USDA claims against retail business for SNAP violations absent proof
  • Successful representation of private poultry operations before United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in connection with development of regulatory compliance standard operating procedures and claims defenses
  • Provided third-party opinion letter to international client affirming our client’s compliance with U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and U.S. Federal Department of Agriculture (“FDA”) statutes and regulations for the sale of contact lenses to consumers in the United States.
  • Successful representation of foreign wine importer in connection with company formation, US TTB permit, multi-state alcohol beverage control (ABC) licensing, inbound contracts with foreign suppliers and contracts with distribution channel partners
  • Brand representation in connection with multi-state regulatory compliance and regulatory advice on returnable beverage container act compliance under multi-state Bottle Bill requirements
  • Successful audits and internal recommendations implemented for multiple national employers concerning Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Wage and Hour policies, practices and claims as well as onboarding Form I-9 compliance
International Company Formation, Investment and Development in the United States
  • Decades of successful experience working with overseas international business development agencies for non-US governmental Ministries of foreign affairs in connection with international immigration, US State Department policies for foreign operations in the United States, local employment laws and compliance and third-party contracts for supply of goods and services to foreign ministry agencies operating in the United States.
  • Successful licensing agreement between our client, an international pharmaceutical research investment company, and a United States university.
Intellectual Property Distribution and Licensing
  • Long term successful cosmetics and perfumes national and international distribution and licensing, including company growth through acquisitions, mergers, and successful credit agreement acquisition of distribution chain carved out from bankruptcy due to strong credit and security agreement creating priority secured position for our client.
  • Successful enforcement of cease and desist demands against copyright infringer in the visual arts including copyright infringement of sculptures and novel designs discovered at international trade shows in violation of intellectual property laws
  • Representation of New Zealand novel equipment manufacturers in connection with licensing and joint venture contracts, merger and acquisition and legal due diligence
  • Successful prosecution and defense of trademark claims, litigation and dispute resolution; including representation before the USPTO and WIPO
Proceedings and Actions before the US Bankruptcy and District Courts on Behalf of Creditors and Debtors
  • Successfully represented creditor pharmaceutical manufacturer in national complex bankruptcy of significant clinical trial firm including motion for relief from administrative stay, claims priority status, emergency applications for adequate assurances, successful retrieval of pharmaceutical creditor’s claimed assets from bankrupt estate
  • Successful trade credit risk claims counsel assigned on behalf of multi-national insurer to secure and obtain retrieval of products seized by US Marshall while products subject to insured’s purchase money security interest
Labor, Employment and Restrictive Covenants
  • Successful ongoing representation of national food and beverage subsidiary of international food and beverage brand in connection with labor and employment compliance
  • Successful labor negotiations advice and counsel in connection with multiple Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations, mediation and grievance arbitrations between the company and the Union and the Unionized workforce members; labor relations compliance has included avoiding threat of unwarranted strike and industrial action
  • Successfully represent federal government senior service employee labor and employment contracts and policy enforcement
Native American Sovereignty Enforcement and Comity/Good Faith & Credit
  • Decades of continued successful representation of one of the largest Native American Tribal Nation’s commercial gaming enterprise in connection with sovereignty enforcement, alternative dispute resolution, credit enforcement and commercial litigation matters since 1999.
Pro Bono and Humanitarian Engagement
  • Successful pro bono representation of a detained refugee in application for political asylum and protection under the Convention Against Torture in Federal Immigration Court.
  • Successful defense of civil litigation claims raised against companies subject to non-coverage by insurance policy exclusions

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Through the delivery of knowledgeable, accessible and responsive representation, we aim to be your firm and legal consultant of choice for years to come. The Bayne Law Group LLC has the industry knowledge and sophisticated business acumen to serve local and international clients, including small, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.

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