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The Bayne Law Group is an international business and commercial practice which provides tailored and general business services to investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses from a broad spectrum of industries. In addition to handling a wide range of business and commercial litigation, we provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that are designed to mitigate risk and save our clients time and money.

Our managing member, Andrew J. Bayne, is an experienced mediator and arbitration advocate. The Bayne Law Group is able to provide mediation and arbitration services to clients in a wide range of business and commercial disputes, including breach of contract disputes, partner and shareholder disputes, IP disputes, non-compete and non-disclosure disputes, business to business disputes, and business tort disputes.

The Bayne Law Group also provides ad-hoc mediation and arbitration services for those business parties seeking an independent, third-party ADR neutral to assist them in the resolution of their private commercial disputes. The Bayne Law Group staff of attorneys includes experienced litigators as well as a court-certified mediator. Our firm’s conference facilities provide a private, comfortable setting to facilitate early out-of-court settlement and other creative forms of alternative dispute resolution as sanctioned by both domestic and international tribunals. Contact our firm to make an inquiry about how The Bayne Law Group ADR services can help you resolve your business dispute.

Our International Practice

If you are involved in a business dispute, you can rely on The Bayne Law Group to provide the support you require. Whether you are involved in a domestic or international business dispute, we offer the sophisticated guidance you require.

As advocates for our clients involved in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, we utilize a network of international arbitration forums as well as international counsel for conducting cross-border litigation and enforcement of foreign awards and judgments in countries throughout the world. Our firm’s managing attorney, Andrew Bayne, has been a delegate among several American and international dispute resolution forums, including the International Bar Association, the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution and the American Arbitration Association. The Bayne Law Group truly is business counsel for the global marketplace ®.

The Bayne Law Group headquarters is in centrally located Princeton, New Jersey. We have regional offices in New York and Philadelphia. To speak with an international business mediation lawyer about local, national or international business services, call 609-665-3200 or contact us toll free at 888-312-0442. You may also reach us online.