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The Bayne Law Group is dedicated to providing a full spectrum of legal services to businesses in highly regulated industries, representing and looking after our clients in the food, wine and beverage sectors of the industry. We have considerable industry knowledge in the food and viticulture sectors to assist United States business owners and international business owners doing business in the U.S. who are subject to the regulatory authority of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Contact The Bayne Law Group for assistance with complex food, wine and beverage law matters, including:

  • Wine producer and vintner representation
  • FDA and TTB regulatory compliance
  • Health and wellness legal counsel and compliance
  • Distribution and distributor contracts
  • State wholesale and plenary license applications
  • Starting a TTB-regulated business
  • Permit applications
  • Federal and state brand label approvals and COLA compliance
  • Appellations of origin
  • Import and export agreements
  • Brand, logo and label trademark registrations
  • Brand and product licensing
  • Wine exports and wine wholesale
  • Industry assistance for the sale of food, wine, beer and spirits
  • State Liquor Authority / ABC Price Posting Compliance

We use our nationwide database of compliance requirements for multistate registration for industry clients. Our lawyers and staff can provide general counsel services to assist with your daily business demands.

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Through the delivery of knowledgeable, accessible and responsive representation, we aim to be your firm and legal consultant of choice for years to come. The Bayne Law Group has the industry knowledge and sophisticated business acumen to serve local and international clients, including small, mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.

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Our clients come to us from states throughout the nation and countries throughout the world, including New Zealand, India, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals rely on us for their legal needs, big and small.

The Bayne Law Group headquarters is in centrally located Princeton, New Jersey. We have regional offices in New York and Philadelphia. To speak with an American beverage law attorney, call 609-665-3200 or contact us toll free at 888-312-0442. You may also reach us online.