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The Bayne Law Group LLC is a sophisticated boutique law firm serving local, national and international clients from several metropolitan offices in the New York metropolitan area and via our Federal International and Trade Practice Group on the West Coast.

We provide full-service counsel to established and emerging businesses of all sizes. We serve businesses operating in a broad range of sectors, including construction, clean tech, engineering, consumer products, business services, technology, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, Internet, restaurant, hospitality, music and entertainment, wine and beverage, and biotechnology.

Business Counsel for the Global Marketplace® 

A Global Focus

Our clients come to us from states throughout America and countries throughout the world, including New Zealand, India, Canada, Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East and South America. We have a detailed understanding of state, federal and international business law, and we know how to effectively serve the interests of investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

Superior Service Is Our Commitment

Our law firm is committed to providing the daily guidance you require. We act as general counsel for many of our clients, both domestic and international. Our cutting-edge technological capabilities aid us in providing real-time counsel to our clients in both planned collaboration and on-the-fly guidance and opinions, virtually anytime and anywhere.