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Surviving an acquisition or merger

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Corporate Finance, Credit & Bankruptcy |

Whenever a company is going through an acquisition process, they want it to be a successful process. Understanding that process, and the legal protections businesses should be aware of and the ways business law resources can assist, may be able to help achieve a more positive outcome.

Tips for surviving an acquisition

Because acquisitions and mergers are an everyday part of the global business environment, businesses operating globally and otherwise may be impacted by the acquisition process which can help a business grow and expand. Some tips can help business owners and their employees survive the acquisition process.

  • Recognize the change: change can be challenging but recognizing the need for it as part of the process of growing and expanding is important.
  • Engage employees in the process: acquisitions are typically guided by a multidisciplinary team that includes senior executives and representatives from both organizations. Helping employees be engaged in the process can help with common concerns about change and fears about redundancy a proposed acquisition may create.
  • Protecting interests during an acquisition: there are many interests that need to be protected during an acquisition so it is helpful to acknowledge this and understand that employees and management will need to protect themselves and their interests.

Familiarity with the legal process helps

Not every acquisition or merger goes well but understanding the human concerns and the legal resources available to help guide the process is valuable information to have. It is useful to be familiar with the ways the legal process can protect the interests of the businesses, both acquiring and being acquired, and can help them better navigate the challenges of the acquisition process.